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New Concept Reacts to Development in the Area of Incoming Tourism

Das neue Konzept This new concept focused on widening touristic paths, shorter and easier touristic trails, improvement of the quality of cycling routes, public transport, and better presentation. This and much more is included in the new concept for incoming tourism in the České Švýcarsko region, which the Charitable Trust of České Švýcarsko and the agency SPF Group Ústí nad Labem compiled.

This arrangement was especially welcomed by tourists: “For sure, we like the widened pathways the most. The visitors are then spread out over a larger area, which means lower “tourist load.” It used to be so 100 years ago when incoming tourism was at its climax. The park was too crowded then, and so the pathways needed to be closed. Now here is just one path and that is not very attractive for tourists, so widening them has helped a lot,” said the foreman of the Tourism Club Krásná Lípa, Václav Heike. He also likes the fact that the new concept also counts with traffic services. The tourist requirements were met in the so-called “Hřebenovka,” which is supposed to build emergency overnight and rest areas on the trails. It is very well that this system will work here since it is already in function in Krkonoše a Podyjí.” Václav Heike speaks highly of the arrangements and believes that they could help to increase incoming tourism.

The new concept for incoming tourism with prospects for 2020 was required by the development of inbound tourism in the area. The pessimistic predictions, which said that the increase of attendance in České Švýcarsko would endanger the natural inheritance of this region and so the visitors will have to be regulated, were not proved to be true. That was the crucial element that enabled the new concept to be born.

The concept can be seen here:


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